Multifunctional Rechargeable Flashlight

• Material: Engineering plastic • made in China • Weight: 98g • Charging mode: multi-function charging • Applicable environment: daily carrying, camping, hiking, night riding • Maximum range: 100m (inclusive)-200m (not included) • Product size: 4.5*4.5*11.5cm • Light source power: 0.5w • Battery capacity: 350mah • Continuous lighting time: 8 hours • Price tag: 50 • Is it waterproof: No • Whether the focus is adjustable: No • Whether it is rechargeable: rechargeable • Time to market: Fall 2018 • Item No.: DP-9121A/B    

Products Details

Material: Engineering plastic
made in China
Color classification: orange and white 9121A (one piece), orange and white 9121A (two pieces), blue and white 9121A (one piece), blue and white 9121A (two pieces), 9121 random colors (two pieces), red 9121B (one piece), red 9121B (two pieces) ) Blue 9121B (one piece) Blue 9121B (two pieces) Black 9101 (one piece)
Weight: 98g
Charging mode: multi-function charging
Applicable environment: daily carrying, camping, hiking, night riding
Maximum range: 100m (inclusive)-200m (not included)
Product size: 4.5*4.5*11.5cm
Light source power: 0.5w
Battery capacity: 350mah
Continuous lighting time: 8 hours
Price tag: 50
Is it waterproof: No
Whether the focus is adjustable: No
Whether it is rechargeable: rechargeable
Time to market: Fall 2018
Item No.: DP-9121A/B
Maximum brightness (maximum luminous flux): 100 lumens (inclusive)-240 lumens (not included)
Charging time: about 6 hours
Use time: depending on battery conditions
Gear: 2 gears-4 gears
Types of bulbs and accessories: LED
Outdoor sports: fishing, driving, hiking, camping
Battery specifications: other
Maximum power: 1W
Can it be used as a power bank: No
Hidden switch at the rear, push-out switch, direct charging
Lightweight and sturdy, long-lasting battery life, LED flashlight, simple line design, both aesthetics and grip
Like outdoor riding, you can use it in any weather without fear of any challenges.
1. Sophisticated technology and strict quality
Carefully do every detail, just for your experience
2. Good practicability is really good
Use good materials and sophisticated technology to ensure product quality
3. Strict quality and good quality
This product is durable and not easily damaged
4.Ingenuity quality, precision quality
LED flashlight, you deserve it
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